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Wellness and beauty treatments for indulging yourself in the relaxation of the Parc Hotel Miramonti, the ideal location for restoring balance between body and soul

What could be more pleasurable after a day in the mountains than to allow yourself to be softly embraced and cosseted? Don’t miss the opportunity to use our swimming pools, the whirlpool and the 1000 m² wellness centre in the most renowned Spa area of the Sciliar plateau.

Finnish sauna, bio sauna, Turkish bath, ice cascade, Kneipp hydrotherapy, water beds with chromotherapy, salt caves, relaxation rooms and infrared cabins await you.

How can you deny yourself a relaxing massage? Our staff is completely at your disposal to recommend the most appropriate treatments for your needs.

We suggest the relaxing Harmony baths and the traditional hay baths perfumed by the herbs of the Alpe di Siusi, classic massages which relax and sooth, personalized massages, treatments for skin blemishes and facials. For even greater wellbeing we offer manicures, pedicures and all that is good for the body.

Opening hours
Swimming pool: from 07.00 a.m. until 7.30 p.m.
Wellness: from 04.00 p.m. until 07.00 p.m.


Classic Massages

- Facial Treatment Anti Age with Hyaluronic Acid 60 Min. € 80.-
- Facial Treatment Moisturizing with Aloe Vera
- Facial Treatment Purifyng with Green Tea (Each facial treatment includes a deep cleaning, an eyebrow correction, a face, decolletè and neck massage and a face mask).
- Face, neck, and decolletè massage with herb stamps 20 Min. € 40.-
- Face, eyes, neck and decolletè with face cream 20 Min. € 50.-
- Hot Stone Full Body Massage 75 Min. € 90.-
- Hot Stone Partial Body Massage 30 Min. € 60.-
- Lomi Lomi Massage 60 Min. € 90.-
- Thai Massage 60 Min. € 90.-
- Indian Head and Neck Massage with Coconut Oil 30 Min. € 60.-
- Full Body Relax Massage with Hot Oil 60 Min. € 70.-
- Partial Body Relax Massage with Hot Oil 30 Min. € 50.-
- Sport Back or Leg Massage 30 Min. € 55.-
- Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage 20 Min. € 45.-
- Anti Cellulite Legs Massage 30 Min. € 60.-
- Back Massage with herb stamps 30 Min. € 60.-
- Candle Massage 60 Min. € 80.-
- Foot Massage 20 Min. € 40.-

Special Massages

- Hammam treatment with black soap and hydration 60 Min. € 65.-
- "Miramonti" back treatment with honey and cupping 50 Min. € 70.-
- Anti cellulite massage with paprika, mud and cupping (Please note: the cupping treatments leave temporary digns on the skin). 90 Min. € 95.-

Relax - Massage

The relaxation massage with their rhythmic and slow movements, is used exclusively for relaxation and reduce stress. This is the older form of medical treatment.

Anti-cellulite massage

The anti-cellulite massage improves blood circulation and lymph circulation, with their specific movements and cream. The body eliminates toxins and allows the oxygen supply of tissue - cells. This prevents the massage swollen.

Detox massage

Our products with mandarin, Jojoba and sweets almonds, with its soft and enveloping texture, gives a fresh sensation; the draining effect of lemon fruits relaxes the body and tones up the mind.
The exclusive body products thanks to the precious myrrh extract helps to harmonise body and spirit, restoring vitality and positive energy levels. In addition to leaving the skin feeling soft and silky myrrh also favours fluid draining.

Relaxation massage

Incorrect body posture and movements cause muscle contract whores. The relaxation massage, the muscle fibers arranged with their energetic movements. The natural essential oils irritated the nervous system and improve the health of the skin.


Harmony Bath:

- Enjoy some relaxing moments in our perfumed bath Harmony.
- To recharge the energy: passion-flowers and cedar.
- For relaxation: chamomile.
- For making the airways free: eucalyptis - bath.

Nuvola Bath:

The loving embrace of the warm water of the Nuvolabath relaxes completely the muscles, stretches the spine, clear your mind and thanks to the warmth that allows the expansion of the pores, enhances the beneficial action of the chosen cosmetic product.


In Nuvola bath:

- 20 minutes of relax in Nuvola - Bath 20 min. € 40.
- Nuvola – Bath with hydration 60 min. € 65.-
- Nuvola – Bath with partial body massage 90 min. € 95.-
- Nuvola – Bath with total body massage (Bracing with Mandarin and Almond – Draining See Essence - Anti Cellulite) 120 min. € 105.-

Pure relax with the typical South Tyrolean Hay Bath

- Hay Bath 30 Min. € 45.-
- Hay Bath with partial body massage 60 Min. € 70.-
- Hay Bath with full body relax massage 90 Min. € 95.-

Aroma Therapy in harmony

- Relax Bath 30 min. € 40.-
- Relax Bath, Body Scrub and Hydration 60 min. € 60.-
- Relax Bath, Body Scrub and Partial Body Massage 90 min. € 90.-
- Relax Bath, Body Scrub and Full Body Massage 120 min. € 110.-

Private Spa for romantic moments...

Scented Bath( for 2 persons);
+ Oil and Body Scrub (for 2 persons);
+ Fresh fruit
+ Small sparkling wine;
60 Min. € 95.-

In the Private Spa it is also possible to take other treatments that would be charged separately.

Face cleansing treatments

- Face and eyes massage 25 Min. € 45.-
- Moisturizing, anti-aging or purifying facial treatment 60 Min. € 75.-


- Leg-Complete € 45.-
- Leg-Partial (up to the knee) € 35.-
- Arms € 30.-
- Bikinizone, underarm, upper lip waxing € 20.-
- Arms € 30.-
- Breast or Back € 30.-
- Eyebrow Correction € 20.-

Hand and feet

- Manicure with hand and nails polish and massage € 35.-
- Manicure with nail varnish € 40.-
- Pedicure with french varnish € 45.-
- Pedicure with massage € 35.-
- Pedicure with nail varnish € 40.-
- Pedicure with french varnish € 45.-


Body - Solarium 20 Min. € 10

We want to remember our kind guests that the cancellation of an appointment must be made at least 24 hours before, otherwise the 50% of the treatment will be charged. In case of delay, we will charge the full treatment. Thank you for your understanding!

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